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Acorn Ltl 6210MM

Wildlife Cam Species - Rabbit

Rabbits - Perhaps the Easiest of British Wildlife to Capture on the Trail Camera

Find a rabbit warren in a quiet area with a suitable tree or bush to fix the camera. Come back a day later and your memory card may be full!

That's the theory anyway. There are thought to be over 15 million rabbits in the UK.

Rabbits are social animals living in groups, in underground burrows.

Rabbits seek out dry, well-drained sloping ground on fields, grassland, woodland and sand dunes. They like open country where their natural predators like foxes and birds of prey can be more easily spotted.

If you are lucky your camera will capture the guard rabbit; one rabbit acts as guard whilst others are feeding. At signs of danger the guard will stamp its feet. Watch the others bolt for the burrows when this happens.

Rabbit droppings are very easy to identify; very distinctive round pellets. The presence and density of rabbit droppings is a good sign your camera is in the right place.

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