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Acorn 6210 Series Wildlife Camera Reviews

Our Choice of Primary Wildlife Trail Camera

After reading as much material as we could, we opted for the Acorn Lt 6210MM as our primary Wildlife Trail Camera. We were not disappointed - it's a great camera for wildlife and we've captured some really superb footage.

acorn 6210
Acorn Ltl-6210MM HD Email/MMS Wildlife Trail Camera Invisible Flash
The Acorn 6210MM can record video, take stills, or do both simultaneously.

In daylight it records in crystal clear colour HD quality video.

In low lighting, or even total darkness, it illuminates the viewing area with completely invisible infrared, and records night vision in black and white.

This unit is capable of sending you email and MMS pictures live as activity happens, which can be very useful.

The unit can take up to 12 AA batteries internally, and uses clever features to maximise battery life.

What is the Reality of the Acorn 6210MM ?

Our Acorn Lt6210MM has been deployed every day since mid August (This is written in early November). We've recorded many Gigabytes of wildlife footage including foxes, rabbits, badgers, squirrels, otter, deer, and lots of bird life.

We used 12 standard Duracell AA batteries. The battery indicator says about 1/3 now, and we coming up to 3 months of continuous use, so we're really impressed.*

(* The batteries finally ran out on our Acorn 6210 during the first week in December, giving just over 3 months of continuous use. Note that we didn't have MMS signalling enabled during this time)

From our walk tests, we're happy that the unit triggers and records when ever there's a presence of life in the viewing area. We've had no false alarm recordings which can't be explained.

We've tried the MMS and email functionality and it works well providing there's a strong signal.

Getting the settings right for our sim card was not that easy, but with help from Google we got there.

MMS messaging isn't cheap, and while we do want to have the option in case we wish to use it, our reality is that we make little use of this feature on a daily basis. It does work effectively though when we want to use it.

Image Quality

We use our Acorn Lt6210MM almost exclusively in video mode (you have the choice of video, camera, or video + Camera). The video below best illustrates the image quality.

We compiled the above video to give you an idea of the quality you can expect both day and night (night time clips first, then daytime footage). As you can see, you can expect high quality results from the Acorn Lt6210MM

Buy the Acorn Ltl-6210MM HD Email/MMS Wildlife Trail Camera Invisible Flash (updated mould June 2012) - CLICK HERE

Our Summary of the Acorn Lt6210MM

All the features of this clever little camera work really well, and the footage captured is great.

We are really impressed with our Acorn Lt6210MM and pleased with the purchase. We'll be adding to our Wildlife Trail Camera Collection with further purchases from the Acorn range.

For our second camera we'll definitely not buy one which is can transmit pictures using GPRS; we only need to have occasional capability and our existing Acorn does this. Therefore we'll probably go for an Acorn 6210MC, which is upgradable to MMS later if we need it, but doesn't come with the MMS module as standard. Depending on where we purchase, this may take 40 off the price.

If you have any model of trail camera, we'd love to publish your reviews. Use the form at the bottom.

We'd also like to share your videos and pictures here. CLICK HERE.

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