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Owls on the Wildlife Cam

Our Quest to Capture Owl Footage on the Wildlife Trail Camera

Welcome to our latest challenge; capturing video footage of owls

We've only just started this challenge.

There are five species of owl in the UK; the Barn Owl, the Tawny Owl, the Long Eared Owl, the Short Eared Owl and the Little Owl.

The Hampshire woodland where we mainly deploy our cameras definitely has at least one species of resident owl. When we were deploying our camera at dusk in the summer, targeting badgers, we often heard the tell tell 'Twit Twoo' of owls.

The 'Twit Twoo' noise is almost certainly the female Tawny Owl calling 'Twit' in a thin voice, followed by the male Tawny Owl responding with a full bodied hoot of 'Twoo'

Thanks to Paul Greenacre for this excellent footage of Barn Owls on the Avon Valley. Check out Pauls's other wildlife videos on Youtube.

Wild Owl Educational Services - British Owls page The British Owls page of the Wild Owl website has a great guide to the five UK owl species. This is the Website of Wild Owl Educational Services, who are well known for their school visits in the West Country.
World Owl Trust - UK Owl page The World Owl Trust website has a UK Owl Species page, which has details of the British Owl species. Also useful for us was the page of information about how to attract barn owls. We've used this to plan our trail camera deployment.
The Hawk and Owl Trust The World Owl Trust website has a Hawk and Owl Trust website is a real treasure trove of information about these fascinating birds. Their Owl page, has good UK species information, but don't miss out on the whole website, it's excellent.
Some of the best tips here have been provided by our readers, and we welcome your contributions. Use the form at the bottom of every page, or email us.

We'd particularly like to share your videos and pictures here. CLICK HERE if you want to share pictures or video.