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Otters on the Wildlife Trail Camera

Otters are very intelligent playful creatures who are mainly nocturnal.

Otters are very rarely seen by people to to their nocturnal habits and the fact they're very shy of humans.

This makes otters a really good target species for the wildlife trail camera.

Whilst Otter numbers are now recovering, they are still an extremely protected species. This protection has led to the banning of the toxic substances which caused their decline in England in the first place.

During the 1970's the Otter was almost completely absent from England, but now numbers are for more healthy.

Evidence of Otters

The first steps to getting Otter footage is to identify the tell tell signs of Otter presence.

There are 2 giveaways; Otter Footprints and Otter Spraints.

Otters use their spraints as a means of communication and territory marking (basically it's otter poo!). Otter spraints are Some of the best tips here have been provided by our readers, and we welcome your contributions. Use the form at the bottom of every page, or email us.

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