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The 6 Species of Deer in the UK are a Popular Target for Wildlife Trail Camera Deployment

Deer are active for 24 hours a day, but particular so at dawn and dusk.

In areas frequented by man during daylight, deer may "lay up" out of the sight. Whilst laying up they often ruminate between feeds.

Deer are particular sensitive to smell and we suspect they may be able to see the Infra Red lights in our camera. (What do you think? See the footage above)

Paul Greenacre sent us this amazing footage of a 'White Hart', which Paul filmed in the New Forest.

Paul says "I filmed this as the sun was setting in the New Forest. He had about 8 hind with him and stayed with me for about 10 minutes. This White Hart Stag truly is a majestic creature. He stood strong and proud holding his position and looked me straight in the eye. He shone out from the darkness of the evening.

Apparently those who are fortunate to see a white deer will be blessed with good fortune. I feel very fortunate to be in his presence. As early as the 12th Century, the White Hart is known to represent the power and purity and redemption of Christ. Coming to me in this Easter period makes this experience even more powerful."

More videos from Paul can be found on his Youtube Channel.

British Deer Society Species Guide The British Deer Society website has a great guide to the 6 species of deer found in the UK. As well as aiding identification the guide tells you about the behaviours of the different species.
Lincolnshire Deer Group - Species Identification The Lincolnshire Deer Group site is another great source of information about how to identify the different species of deer in the UK. Their website also lists the different habitats preferred by the different deer, very handy for Trail Camera users.

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