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Capturing Fox Video on your Wildlife Trail Camera


Some Tips and Resources to Help Capture Fox Video Footage

The Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) is a beautiful and fascinating animal that's managed to adapt to man's presence. Foxes mate between December and February, and usually have a litter of 4 or 5 cubs in the spring.

Foxes care very well for their young; in the first two weeks of the young fox cubs life, the vixen remains in the 'earth' (the foxes den) suckling the young. The dog fox brings food back to the earth for the vixen to eat.

Although young foxes are mobile fairly quickly, they'll stay in their mother's care until autumn.

Foxes in the UK typically weigh around 1 stone and are about 1.1 metres in length. Although they can live 3 years or longer, a fox has less than 50% chance of surviving each year.

Foxes are incredibly adaptive, and providing they can find enough food, they will colonise urban areas in addition to their natural countryside habitat.

We're gradually building a collection of tips and tricks to help get the most from the camera's and also help capture the best images.

Further Fox Information

Nature England Fox PDF The Nature England website has an excellent PDF Species note called The Red Fox in Rural Areas, and also another species note called The Urban Fox. Both give lots of information about the biology and behaviour of the Red Fox.
The Fox Website The fox website aims to have all the answers about foxes, with information on fox research, fox ecology and fox facts.
Young People's Trust Red Fox Page The Young People's Trust for the Environment website has numerous facts sheets which tell you all about the animal. Their Red Fox (Vulpes Vulpes) Fact Sheet has information about every aspect of the red fox in the UK.

Some of the best tips here have been provided by our readers, and we welcome your contributions. Use the form at the bottom of every page, or email us.

We'd particularly like to share your videos and pictures here. CLICK HERE if you want to share pictures or video.

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