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Wildlife Christmas Gift

A Really Thoughtful Christmas Gift for Wildlife Lovers - a Wildlife Trail Camera

Here's a brilliant Christmas Gift idea for any who's really keen on wildlife. They'll love a wildlife trail camera.

A wildlife trail camera is basically a little box which has sophisticated detection equipment, a camera, invisible infrared lighting, and an SD card recorder built in.

When it detects the movement of an animal coming into view, it starts recording or taking photographs depending how you programmed it.

In the day time it takes full colour high definition pictures or video. At night it illuminates the subject with completely invisible infrared light and records in black and white.

To view the footage you simply inert the card (via a reader) into a PC or laptop to view the stills or videos from the wildlife trail camera.

Trail Cameras make Perfect Christmas Gifts, but are especially suited if any of the following are true about the recipient.

- They regularly visit woodland to enjoy wildlife.
- They have a large garden which animals can access.
- They like foxes and badgers to visit their garden
- They have a well visited bird table.
- They have a really keen interest in wildlife.

Prices range from 100 to 300.

The more expensive models have GPRS (with a mobile phone sim card) built in to allow transmission of images. We think this is 'nice to have' rather than really necessary if you're buying a trail camera as a Christmas present.

Take a look at the video below which demonstrates both day and night use (night clips first then daytime). Then choose a Wildlife Trail Camera from the selection above and below.

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