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Spypoint HD 10 Wildlife Cam

The Spypoint HD 10 Wildlife Trail Camera - New for 1012

The Spypoint HD 10 Wildlife Trail Camera is new to the market in 2012.

Spypoint HD 10
Spypoint HD 10
It's fully featured, with covert infrared motion detection and HD Video.

In daylight the Spypoint HD records motion in colour HD quality video.

In low lighting, or complete darkness, this trail camera illuminates the viewing area with completely invisible infrared, and records night vision in black and white.

Night videos or stills are illuminated by 46 High Infra-red LED illuminators which have a range of 45 feet. The illumination is controlled by the onboard variable infrared adjustment system which ajucts the amount of Infrared light dependent on a number of factors, to ensure the right level for a good quality image.

In practice, in total darkness, if a fox were to trigger the camera from 30 feet away, it would pump out plenty of Infra Red light to adequately illuminate the fox, giving a clear picture.

If the same fox triggered at 10 feet, the Spypoint Unit would only use a fraction of the power of Infrared light, to ensure just the right level for a perfect picture. Cameras without this feature can appear too bright of too dark.

What do others think of the Spypoint HD 10

We haven't yet had a chance to test this unit ourselves.

As it's so new to the market, there aren't that many reviews for the Spypoint HD 10 available online.

If you own a Spypoint HD 10 we'd really like to feature your review here.

CLICK HERE for more info or to buy the Spypoint HD-10 10MP Infrared Digital Surveillance Camera - Camo

Our Summary of the Spypoint HD 10

The Spypoint HD 10 is an up to date 2012 Wildlife Trail Camera with advanced infra red features for excellent night images, in addition to full colour daytime operation.

We aim to fully review this model shortly.

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